Should you be using spreadsheets to manage your business?

Spreadsheets are powerful tools, but they weren’t designed for the functions most people use them for. If you’re relying on spreadsheets for any of the following…

  • making important business decisions

  • team collaboration

  • dependable access to and accuracy of KPIs and historical data

… you’re most likely making decisions based on hunches, and diminishing the focus of your resources on customer service and business growth.

Airtable is a unique platform blending the best features of a spreadsheet with the power of a database to organize everything you need for your business in one place.

In my consulting, I find myself adding the most value by helping owners to clearly define their Key Performance Indicators and to streamline the work needed to capture this information efficiently and effectively. Then we can automate reports and alerts to use the data to run the business

Clearly define your workflows and data needs:

  • What information is needed?

  • What is the optimal formatting for various data types?

  • How will the data be used to benefit the business?

  • Who is responsible for inputting the data?

Airtable is designed to be customized, so as your business grows and evolves you can build on your initial system.

Here’s an example of a template that could be used by interior designers.  

Screen Shot 2019-09-10 at 3.38.36 PM.png

The streamlined workflow, ease of collaborating with your customers, vendors and employees, and access to organized attainable data available on a friendly platform - set the foundation for future growth.  Users can look at the data in different ways by filtering, sorting, grouping, and hiding fields for specific uses.

Gallery view of the same data:

Screen Shot 2019-09-09 at 1.02.57 PM.png

From this platform you’re able to:

  • Pull together ideas to share with a client

  • Communicate with vendors and team members

  • Track your timeline for decision making and deadlines

The take-away:

Airtable is a highly customizable, user friendly platform for automated workflows and simple access to viewing data in ways that are most meaningful to the business.  If you want to talk about your data and spreadsheet challenges and how Airtable might help, you can contact me at

Diane Elkins