Who do you work with?

  • solo-preneurs

  • entrepreneurs

  • start-ups

  • creatives

  • professionals

  • small businesses

*Virtual and Local

what results can i expect?

You’ll be able to easily track everything happening inside your business, in one place; saving time and giving peace of mind to you, your team and your clients.

Organized systems and data management for smarter decisions and faster growth.

what is airtable?

Airtable is a user-friendly, incredibly powerful cloud-based app that blends the best features of databases and spreadsheets.

Business uses and features include:

  • Task management

  • Project planning

  • Managing team resources

  • Tracking inventory

  • Content management

  • Customer-relationship management (CRM)

  • Document storage

  • Deliver content to clients in a more structured, collaborative way

  • Relational database with a colorful interface

  • Event management

  • Team management

  • Survey forms

  • Drag and drop uploading

WeWork, TIME, Money, Pinterest, Slack, Netflix, and Fortune are some of the 90k + companies using Airtable to simplify their businesses.