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7 Solutions to Kickstart Your Year

After a weekend of excessive inaction due to a series of setbacks, reading this quote Monday morning was the turning point to clarity and a much-improved mindset.

“Inaction breeds doubt and fear. Action breeds confidence and courage… get busy.” Dale Carnegie

Knowledge of what boosts your mindset can have tremendous effect on your outlook and success. Here are 7 Solutions for better results in the upcoming year.

  1. MusicCan the Right Music Make You Feel More Powerful?
  2. You Are What You Eat, It’s True
  3. Self-Care: Indulge Yourself by Adding One Splurge Item   
  4. Good Sleep, According to Science
  5. A Clean Desk
  6. Trigger WordsSimplicity is one of my Words for the year; it has a calming effect when I’m feeling overwhelmed.  A trigger word is also helpful when wanting to stop negative thoughts.
  7. Money: Make A Promise to Take Control of Your Finances Organized paperwork can create a dramatic change in how you interact with your money. Personal Finance Book List 

Happy 2015!

A new year is a fresh start.


You don’t have to have it all figured out to move forward; start small and be okay with imperfection.

1.  Get clear and get organized. “A cluttered desk mentally exhausts you by restricting your ability to focus and limits your brain’s ability to process information,” according to a Princeton University study.

2.  Set personal goals that match your values, and see the opportunities for growth and joy on the path to your goals.

3.  Make lists. “Lists are concrete reminders of your hopes and desires, and are a wonderful tool of empowerment.” Richard Branson

The year is yours. What will you do with it?

A believer of choosing “words” over resolutions to accomplish my goals, here are my words for 2015:

  • Simplicity
  • Curiousity
  • Fun
  • Effort


The Pursuit of the Right Things

LKN-PMApplying a more selective criteria for what is essential is always beneficial — but even more so this time of year, with the hustle and bustle of the holiday season approaching.  Gaining control of your choices and identifying what is most important, will make the holidays more enjoyable for you and those you celebrate with.

Greg McKeown doesn’t believe in having it all or doing it all, and his new book Essentialism offers advice for getting more out of life by doing less:

“… the pursuit of less allows us to regain control of our own choices so we can channel our time, energy and effort into making the highest possible contribution toward the goals and activities that matter.”

Helping my clients embrace the idea of living with less is the first step in organizing their spaces. Whether downsizing or wanting a more creative and organized workspace — removing the visual clutter, clears so much mental clutter.  If you need help getting started or a plan for learning to live with less, contact me at

What is most important to you?


Failure: Learn From It and Try Again


Learning to deal with setbacks and failures is something we can always improve on. In this interview with Marie Forleo, Cathy Collaut discusses her 4-step system to overcoming devastating setbacks and the kinds of conclusions that are appropriate and inappropriate to draw, as a result of them.

Here is an overview of the 4 Steps:

Step #1 –  You must learn to deal with setbacks and failures with clarity, constancy, and confidence, if you’re going to live a life worth living.

Step #2 –  Successful people fail just as often, if not more, than unsuccessful people. How you respond to failure is what’s important.

Step #3 –  Celebrate the effort, not the result. Genuinely applaud yourself for trying.

Step #4 –  Don’t let specific failures become global; confine your conclusions to this specific “try”.


4 Simple Ways to Corral Your Office Clutter

An organized space doesn’t necessarily mean everything needs to be in a drawer or closet out of sight.  There are some things that make sense to keep visible — either for easier access or as a reminder of important tasks.

Giving some thought to the containers used for these items will help to create a neat and orderly system, preventing piles of clutter from taking over your space.

With a designated place for storing something, you’ll be more likely to put it away, and more importantly… find it when needed.

Here are four of my favorite clutter-busters:    

1.  Trays

Trays are perfect for all the little items that tend to get put down anywhere or misplaced, like  – wallets, loose change, keys, stamps, staplers, and business cards.  If the trays used are somewhat small, you will be forced to think about what you really need to keep and what can be tossed.


Brass Trays – $150 for a set of 3

2.  Desktop File Organizers

Having current file folders on your desk is a good way to keep focused on the most important tasks or projects, and for organizing loose papers until you have time to file them in their permanent location.  Some category ideas for desktop folders are – ‘Monthly Bills’, current projects/clients, ‘To-File’, and ‘To-Read’. You will want to limit your desktop “action” folders to a handful of current projects – or you lose the benefit of an organized reminder system.

Russell Hazel

Russell + Hazel Acrylic Collator – $30

3.  Baskets

Baskets of all shapes, sizes and styles are great for so many storage solutions – magazines, newspapers, mail, printer paper and stationery. The nice thing about having designated storage for magazines and catalogs is, when the basket is full you know it’s time to take a few minutes to purge your collection.



4.  Clear Project Envelopes

Clear envelopes make it easy to find what you’re looking for while keeping your papers contained and manageable.


If you’re feeling overwhelmed by piles and stuff — pick one of these storage solutions to get more organized today. If you need help getting started or want a custom and affordable plan for your challenges with workspace organization, decluttering, or down-sizing, contact me to talk about your options at or 704-236-9181.