From Basement Clutter to Custom Wall Art

I recently worked with a client who had inherited dozens of paintings by her mother and mother-in-law that she had been storing in her basement for years. There were too many of these large paintings to hang throughout the house, and for some there was more sentimental value than aesthetic appreciation.

A creative solution for preserving these family treasures and the memories associated with them, is to photograph each painting, shrink the photos to a size that works for your desired collage size, and frame in a grid format, creating a new custom piece of art. Artwork collages are also a fun and pretty option for capturing children’s art.


{jan eleni}

Jan Eleni can create custom specialty collages of your child’s artwork (starting at $950) or you can make your own custom art piece for much less.

If you are struggling with paper piles – medical documents, recipes, children’s artwork, or receipts – and would like to discuss simple solutions, contact me at

Daily Task Worksheet -Week of April 21

Organized Paper Solution: The Lightweight Client Notebook

If your client documents have outgrown a file folder or you need a more organized method for storing samples and papers, these 3/8” flexible binders are compact for easy storage and convenient to take with you on client calls.


The clear front pocket is perfect for your client information sheet.

Inside, you can add a zipper pocket for smaller items, and sheet protector pages to keep loose papers neatly organized and easy to flip through. With everything in one place, you can grab it and go without worrying that you’re forgetting something.

For an interior designer’s client folders we included 4×6 photo pages for storing project pictures.

Here’s your worksheet for the week!


Keep It Simple


3 Daily Tasks for the week of April 7.

Ideas for a Better Workday

To keep up and get ahead, we all face a similar challenge of having a lot to get done every day. And although each workspace and work style is unique, there are some solutions that can benefit many.

I’ve compiled a list of some of my favorite oh-so-simple ways for getting control of the piles of paper, too much stuff, and lack of focus, that adversely affect decision-making, productivity, and personal well-being.

I love a simple solution with a big payoff. Finding solutions to everyday challenges, without sacrificing standards and quality, is becoming a daily personal challenge.

Here are 6 of my favorites for simplifying the workday and feeling more in control: n-o-i-d-e-a.tumblr

  1. Write 3 Daily Must-Doswrite descriptive tasks for the 3 things you must get done today. If you can’t get everything done at least you are focused on what is most important. I started using the Day Designer strategic planner at the beginning of March and would highly recommend it if you’re looking for a comprehensive, (yet simple!) planner.
  2. Incoming Mail – at the very least, have an in-basket to collect papers entering your home or office. By simplifying paper flow and eliminating clutter, you create both the mental and physical space for growth.
  3. Make a To-File folder. Nobody loves to file (nobody I know) – so make it easy and designate a desktop folder for papers to be filed. When it’s full you’ll start putting things where they belong.
  4. Storagekeep flat surfaces clear by having a place for everything and everything in its place. If you don’t know where to put it, you will never put it away. I try to use acrylic and other clear containers for storage. Wire baskets, trays, and wall storage are all good solutions for a lot of clutter challenges.
  5. Take Care of Yourselftake guilt-free breaks and eat healthy. Clear your mind and get active – take a walk, exercise, or try standing up at your desk. These are especially helpful when you’re having a bad day.
  6. Visual reminders are important – for some people, out of sight, out of mind” is very real. Give yourself visual cues and keep current project folders front and center.

Stop the busy work and get on with the good work. To help you with #1 on the list here’s your 3 Task Worksheet for this week.

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6 Ways To Embrace Spring Fever


{photo credit: Lucia Rome}

  1. Make some naturally flavored water and drink up
  2. Clean out a desk drawer
  3. Lighten up your diet with fruit and veggie smoothies
  4. Open some windows and enjoy the fresh air
  5. Bring spring flowers into your home or plant some in the yard
  6. Give thanks by sending a note of gratitude to your employees and clients

Everything on the list will bring added energy and joy to your Weekly Tasks.

3 Great Products to Help You Win The Paper Battle

I love these products for getting paper systems under control.

1.  Smead Hanging Folders


Why? Built-in tab, very sturdy, pretty moss green color

2.  Epson Label Maker


Why? Easy to use, great price

3.  Mesh Wallworks Sorter


Why? Lightweight, durable, perfect for sorting mail or holding action files

Here’s your 3 Daily Tasks worksheet for the week.

If you are struggling with piles of paper or frustrated by time wasted looking for misplaced documents, contact me to talk about ways I can help. or 704-236-9181