Nicole’s marketing start-up was growing faster than their spreadsheets and current systems could keep up with. They were looking for a custom, collaborative platform to streamline their workflow and automate their systems to support their growing business and move away from spreadsheets.  The seamless transition to Airtable was financially beneficial within the first few weeks of installation due to an automated event tracker alerting the team of their clients’ event status. The system can grow with the business and they now have easy access, in various formats, to the data they need.

“Diane has been the calm in our start-up storm! How anybody can learn all the ins and outs of a crazy business within a few meetings and then set up a system to meet all needs is amazing--but this is what Diane has done for our business. In the first month of using Airtable, we recouped half the cost of set-up because of a custom feature Diane made for us. We look forward to working with Diane in the future!”


— Nicole saunders, charlotte, NC


Austen is using Airtable to store oil and gas well information.  He needed an automated system for tracking the profitability of wells to make informed (and more timely) decisions about which leases to renew and which to cancel, to increase his revenues. 

“Diane is AWESOME!! I knew the basics (maybe not even basics) to Airtable when I first called Diane. I had an idea of what I wanted to do with Airtable and she made my idea a reality. It was extremely nice to be able to pick up the phone and call her whenever I had a new idea or if something was not working correctly. She would even send a video of her screen with step by step instructions on how to do something. I really can't say enough good things about Diane and my experience working with her on my Airtable base.”

— austen lovell, Fairview, ok


“ATOU was using three separate spreadsheets, managed by three different staff members, to manage the process of scheduling school workshops and coordinating the volunteers and staff who would attend them. We had received quotes for custom software solutions that ranged from $5-10,000, and would have taken many weeks to build and then thousands more per year to maintain and support.

In the end, the combination of Airtable and Diane provided us with a much more affordable and viable solution that was developed and implemented within 2-3 weeks. And was an order of magnitude more cost effective. Diane was an absolute joy to work with! She actually managed to make it a fun process and importantly, one that fully engaged the staff in the development process which significantly reduced any resistance to change.

We ended up with a tool that is cloud-based, meaning everyone can access it, from any platform, wherever they might be and know that the data they are working with is current, relevant and accurate. It affords us a shared, centralized solution that is easy to work with and one that we know will grow with our needs.

We would recommend Airtable to anyone. Moreover, we would highly recommend having a professional like Diane be your guide on the journey of transition. Diane has that rare combination of advanced people skills and yet she is also technologically competent!”

John Adams.png

John Adams, Granite Bay, CA


Interview Valet connects guest experts from around the world with podcast hosts interested in their stories and areas of expertise.  As a new start-up, they were looking for a comprehensive system to effectively track workflow and project management, store data, documents and images, and measure KPIs and efficiencies of a virtual team - - all with the goal of ultimately making ideal connections in a timely manner between their clients and podcasters.  They utilize Zapier integrations to automate redundant tasks, time-tracking for client contracts, a relational CRM, and Airtable forms for the on-boarding process. The custom views for users and teams, along with dashboards for a detailed overview of key metrics, give immediate access to real-time metrics and data points.

"Diane is gifted in so many ways. I have worked with Diane for 2 years, and she has always been at the top of her game...available, organized, smart, efficient, forward thinking to name a few. Her ability to work with data and the accompanying systems is remarkable. She brings clarity to any project, along w/ her team spirit and incredible kindness. Diane has high standards in all that she does. I would not hesitate to work with Diane at any time and, as a matter of fact, I'd "pick" her first for any project. "


— TERRI SHRADER, fairhope, al


"I was fortunate to have Diane overseeing all the details of my podcast interviews! She was very organized and made sure I had what I needed to be successful on all my projects. She was proactive, polite and personable in all her communications. I never felt like I was an inconvenience or a bother to her, she made me feel like a VIP customer. She’s a very talented person."

Untitled design-4.png

— JEFF MCMANUS, oxford, ms


"I had the pleasure of working alongside Diane and seeing firsthand how she can take an idea from the dreamer stage (where I seem to live) and put it into action. Her skill of using systems, procedures and automation in conjunction with kindness, humility and a positive disposition helps to create a winning culture in a team. She's also expertly skilled in handling the challenges of a small business start-up with a remote team. I can't recommend Diane more strongly. I just wish I had the opportunity to work with her still!"

dan 500-4.png

— DAN MOYLE, kalamazoo, mi