After spending an amazing week with my daughter studying abroad I gained a new appreciation for maps. We relied on that little weathered piece of paper wherever we went. Maps give both control and perspective. It was nice to have that birds-eye view of the city and see where things are in relation to each other.

For small businesses, a birds-eye perspective of where you are and where you want to be is extremely valuable. Business maps provide structure and direction, and your creativity and adaptability within this structure make your business unique.

With way too much information available to business start-ups - via books, webinars, online sources, coaching, masterminds, etc - a map helps you focus, not only on your current priorities and next steps, but also on clarifying what information and support you need at different stages.

I’ll be adding links on the ‘Resources’ page to my favorite small business experts. These people are the very best at what they do and offer tremendous value in their products and services.

Positive Workspace strives to:

  • Help you love your work and your work environment

  • Give you more control over your time and efforts

  • Help your business grow through - being more informed, increased creativity, renewed energy and working smarter

There are many ways to get to where you’re headed - the key is to keep moving - and a map is your best tool for guiding those action steps.

Diane Elkins