Cords and Cables

Every workspace offers it’s own set of challenges for hiding cords.

Here are some attractive and simple ways to eliminate the tangled mess, tripping hazard, and dust trap of cords and cables.

Power Strip and Surge Protector Cable Management Solutions:

(due to the electrical sensitivity of computers, it is highly recommended to use a surge protector)

BlueLounge CableBox ($29.95)

      • designed to fit all shapes and sizes of surge protectors and power strips
      • fits under or on the desk
      • available in black or white

BlueLounge CableBox Mini ($29.95)

      • convenient for smaller clusters of cables
      • includes a 4-socket surge protector
      • available in 7 fun colors


Traveling with and storing cords and chargers:

We like the Kangaroom Cord Pouch ($24.95)

      • Stores and organizes up to 10 chargers and cords
      • easy-viewing
      • labeled windows

10 Things You Already Own To Wrangle Cords

This list will show you inexpensive and creative ways to get your cords under wrap using household items.

More Favorites:

Infmetry cable clips








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