Think Outside The Inside

Have some fun planning your office space.  Whatever kind of work you do, spend the time to make your workspace special.

You should be inspired and energized and happy in your office.

  • Chair – one size does not fit all, the right choice is one that makes you comfortable

An ergonomic chair needs to be solidly contructed and adjustable enough to fit the body – the more points of adjustment the more likely it will fit the person sitting in it. The human body is meant to move, if you’ll be sitting for any length of time I would recommend finding something you can move in.

  • Desk – free of clutter









Having something inspiring to look at is a must – something that makes you smile! Whether it’s a quote, a special photo, wallpaper or paint, a vision board or a window view – you need to put your personal touch in your space.

We all can’t work in an office like the one pictured above, but we can bring the outside in and green up our space while improving the air quality.

Here is a list of NASA’s Top 10 air-purifying plants:

  1. Areca Palm
  2. Lady Palm
  3. Bamboo Palm
  4. Rubber Plant
  5. Dracaena
  6. English Ivy
  7. Dwarf Date Palm
  8. Ficus Alii
  9. Boston Fern
  10. Peace Lilly

Create a space you love and get inspired!


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