Give Thanks



More than almost anything, a personal and sincere “thank you” can set you apart. Heartfelt appreciation is remembered and has the potential to establish strong long-term relationships.

Businesses with thank you programs in place benefit from greater loyalty and the opportunity for improved sales.

Who to Thank

  • Employees – not feeling appreciated is the number one reason people leave their jobs
  • Clients – saying a special thank you is an investment that helps set your business apart
  • Unhappy Customers - thank them for giving you the chance to fix things and assure them that you want to do everything you can to make them happy again
  • Advocates – anyone who supports your business in some way (referrals and partnerships)
  • Inquirers – people who have asked for information

Everybody appreciates a handwritten note. Sharing specific and genuine gratitude about a relationship is especially meaningful in this fast paced and sometimes impersonal world.

Hand selected gifts and referring business back to those who sent work to you, are other nice ways to express your appreciation.

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