From Basement Clutter to Custom Wall Art

I recently worked with a client who had inherited dozens of paintings by her mother and mother-in-law that she had been storing in her basement for years. There were too many of these large paintings to hang throughout the house, and for some there was more sentimental value than aesthetic appreciation.

A creative solution for preserving these family treasures and the memories associated with them, is to photograph each painting, shrink the photos to a size that works for your desired collage size, and frame in a grid format, creating a new custom piece of art. Artwork collages are also a fun and pretty option for capturing children’s art.


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Jan Eleni can create custom specialty collages of your child’s artwork (starting at $950) or you can make your own custom art piece for much less.

If you are struggling with paper piles – medical documents, recipes, children’s artwork, or receipts – and would like to discuss simple solutions, contact me at

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