Say goodbye to your clutter and paper piles

You’ve come to the right place if…

  • your unruly clutter is cluttering your mind
  • paper keeps showing up in your home or workspace faster than you know what to do with it
  • time spent shuffling papers and looking for misplaced items is preventing you from doing your best work
  • you are downsizing to a smaller home or living space and need guidance

There is a big difference between busy work and good work, and living among piles of clutter and papers makes it hard to get your best work done. Everyone deserves a decluttered life. 

Stop wasting your time looking for lost or misplaced items, paying late fees, and struggling to stay focused amid the clutter. Only keep what you need and love, get rid of the rest, and choose paperless when it makes sense for you.


About Diane

Hi, I’m Diane Elkins. I love being the person behind the scenes supporting fun, busy, talented, and overwhelmed people, find simple solutions to their organizational challenges. I started Positive Workspace in 2011 to share the simple solutions, favorite products, and basic filing systems that help me enjoy the benefits of a simpler, more organized home and workspace.

I am committed to researching and finding the best products and resources available for you. Read my blog for helpful tips and simple strategies for saying goodbye to your clutter and paper piles. Or contact me to discuss your specific challenges.