5 Organizing Misconceptions

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Misconception #1: Handle Paper Once

This is unrealistic and adds unnecessary pressure when handling papers. Focus on only letting the papers you need into your office; place them in one of these trays until you’re ready to decide where they go:

  • in-tray
  • to-be-filed tray (for non-action items)

Tip: use smaller-size trays so your piles stay manageable

Everything else should be trashed, shredded, or recycledthe sooner the better.

Misconception #2: Keep All Papers Stored Out of Sight

Some people work better with visual reminders and need to see the folders, files, and papers of current projects. If you function better this way – don’t worry about having a clear desk.

Do make an effort to keep reference documents and non-current papers in a filing system that makes it easy for you to find them when needed.

Misconception #3: Being Neat Means Being Organized

Some people are fortunate enough to be neat and organized, but the two can be very independent of each other. While you might have neat piles and orderly shelves, you may still not be able to find what you need when you need it.

Being organized means:

  • you’re using structured systems that allow you to find things when needed
  • you’re getting things done (mostly) on time – with minimal frustration, overwhelm, and stress

Misconception #4: Only Certain Types of People Can be Organized

Most people can be organized. If you truly want to be – there are proven systems to help you. Learning the systems and applying them regularly will make you organized.

Misconception #5: Being Organized Takes a Lot of Time and Effort

The truth is, it takes a lot less time and effort to be organized than it does to be disorganized. Disorganization wastes more time than most of us realize, and creates constant obstacles directly in the path of getting things done.

If you’re interested in implementing these strategies, we’d be happy to help. Contact us for a complimentary consultation at diane@positiveworkspace.com.


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